Chicago’s Best BBQ Spots

Chicago’s Best BBQ Spots

I am originally from New York and for me Chicago is as close to home I can get. There are a lot of similarities between New York and Chicago, such as great food. Chicago is known for its great restaurants. I recently discovered all of the great BBQ restaurants that exist in this fat paced city. Here is my review for the Best Chicago BBQ Restaurants.

3-Miller’s Pub

134 S. Wabash, Chicago IL

Open 7 days a week from 11AM-2AM Sundays until Midnight

From the outside this looks like your typical inviting Irish Pub. The atmosphere on the inside is comfy and casual. Lots of well know celebrities have enjoyed dining at this establishment such as Tony Bennet, Lance Bass from N’Sync and Jay Leno. A ton more celebrities have also dined here and their pictures hang on the walls. They are known for their famous ribs which are a popular menu item. The Canadian Baby Back Ribs are a must have. Their cole slaw is some of the best I’ve had. The average price per person is $25. The wait staff is very helpful and friendly. There is also discount parking available.

2-Twin Anchors Restaurant

1655 North Sedgwick Street, Chicago IL

Mon-Thurs 5-11PM Fri 5-12AM Sat 12-12AM Sun 12-10:30PM

This restaurant has been around since 1932 and is located in an historic Old Town building. This is a very quaint neighborhood tavern. There is outdoor seating which has a great vibe in the summertime. Frank Sinatra visited this little tavern often throughout the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. One of my favorite movies, “Return to Me” was filmed in this cozy pub. They are famous for their ribs and zesty BBQ sauce. You must try these meaty and tender bites of delicious baby back ribs. My side of choice is the Onion Rings. The average price per person is $25. There is also valet parking available.

1-Timothy O Tooles

622 North Fairbanks Ct, Chicago IL

Mon-Sun 11AM-3AM

This is a very casual, fun sports bar. The atmosphere is loud and fast paced. If you are a big sports fan this will establishment will bring you much joy. There are over thirty televisions. They have a wide selection of beer on tap which includes my favorite Magic Hat #9. There are daily lunch and dinner specials so I suggest checking out the website to see all these fun events, go to You must try their award winning BBQ chicken wings. They are a hit with all of the customers, especially the locals. The average price per person is $20. The service is quick and friendly. There is nearby parking.

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