How to Make Your Own BBQ Smoker for Under $30

Make Your Own BBQ Smoker

How to Make Your Own BBQ Smoker for Under $30

If you’re like me and then you feel that there is nothing better than the taste of a well smoked piece of pork, however, purchasing a dedicated BBQ smoker like Nexgrill can be very expensive.

With a little bit of ingenuity and about $30 you can actually build yourself a smoker that will serve you for many years to come.

To start off with here is a list of things you’re going to need, some of them you will be able to pick up secondhand at flea markets or secondhand stores.
– Stainless steel garbage can (new)
– used hot plate (should be about $10 at secondhand store)
– Grill – grates from hardware store work wonderfully.
– Metal bowl to hold woodchips
– thermometer, a digital wireless thermometer works best however even a cheap oven thermometer will work fine.

Once you have your items together in we will begin to make your homemade smoker for under $30 by cutting a hole in the bottom of the stainless steel garbage can, this is to allow the power cord to the hot plate to get into the can. Next you’ll want to cut and access door on the side of the garbage can. To do this simply drill a hole and using a hack saw blade cut a window large enough to fit the bowl that you’re going to put your woodchips into through. This will allow you to change your woodchips throughout the cooking process. Next you can fix the door back on the garbage can by using an inexpensive hinge.

Next you’ll want to cut your metal grates that you’ve picked up from hardware store so that they fit into your garbage can one about 16 inches from the bottom and another about 12 inches above that. This will give you to grates on which to rest your meat while they smoke. Lastly you will cut a hole in the top of the lid of the garbage cans this is to control how much smoke is exhausted from your garbage can. Once you’re done that make sure that your garbage can lids fits properly back on the garbage can and if it does you are ready to start smoking using your homemade smoker for under $30.

To begin using your smoker for under $30 is very easy all you’re going to do is soak your woodchips for at least four to six hours in water a good idea is to use warm water so that it permeates the wood and use a bowl to hold the woodchips under the water. Once your woodchips are adequately soaked you will simply put a few handfuls into the metal bowl, now put the metal bowl on top of the hot plate at the bottom of your garbage can. You can adjust your temperature using the hot plate so that your temperature on your middle rack is approximately 160°. Should it get hot or cold or simply adjust the temperature on your hot plate.

As you can see making your own smoker for under $30 is really quite easy and the results can be extremely good. Keep in mind that you’ll want to keep your smoker off of a wooden surface as the garbage can itself will get fairly hot.

It is a good idea if you have a wooden deck to lay down a couple of treks to rest your smoker on.

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