Nexgrill Evolution Grill Review: A Review of the 5 Burner Edition

The Nexgrill Evolution grill is one of the bestselling grills at Nexgrill. When it comes to the Evolution series that is equipped with infrared heating, we have already posted the Nexgrill 2 burner gas grill review and now we will get into the Nexgrill Evolution review, where we talk about the 5 burner edition.

Evolution 5-Burner Propane Gas GrillLike we always do with any of our grill reviews, let’s begin with the specs so you get a quick understanding of the power and main features on offer.

Primary Cooking Space: 486.3 square inches

Secondary Cooking Space: 183.4 square inches

Total Cooking Space: 670 square inches

Primary Burner BTUs: 45,000

Secondary Burner BTUs: 12,000

Number of burners: 5

Number of side burners: 1

Ignition type: Electrical

Grill material: Stainless Steel

Grill grate material: Stainless Steel

Burner material: Stainless steel

Height: 46 inches

Width: 54.25 inches

Depth: 22.25 inches

The stainless steel burners, all five of them, are made out of premium grade stainless steel. We like the fact that Nexgrill backs up their claim to have used premium grade stainless steel with a solid 8 year warranty. When a manufacturer stands by their product with an extended warranty, you know they have used high quality build materials.

That being said, please remember that the warranty on the rest of the grill is only for one year. This is typical of most grills in the market though.

Now, let’s get into the performance of the grill.

The very generous 486 square inches of primary cooking space is large enough to cook 24 hamburger patties, all at once. With that kind of power, you can easily grill for your entire neighborhood block, sending out food at a hectic pace, keeping everyone happy as the ravenously eat the food you cook up.

This grill will hook up to either a propane tank or a natural gas connection that you can run from your home. If you want to use it with natural gas, you will have to use a connector that you will buy separately though. Please note that Nexgrill specifically wants you to use the Nexgrill NG 710-0778A natural gas conversion kit for this model. This is what we used and it hooked up beautifully. But, we are not sure why other after-market natural gas conversion kits won’t work just as well. Must be one of those manufacturer biased recommendations. If you asked us about what natural gas converter kit you must use, we will recommend that you use Nexgrill’s own kit as it is a part that involves safety protocols. It makes sense to play it safe, even if you are paying a little extra for a Nexgrill kit as opposed to a cheaper generic conversion kit.

Unlike the regular non infra-red 5 burner Nexgrill grill that we talked about in our Nexgrill 5 burner gas grill review, the Evolution model comes with an infrared cooking element. This means that you can barbeque food with both indirect and direct heat.

The primary cooking space is great to bake, sear, broil or even smoke your main meats while you can use the very ample side burner to warm up and sauté vegetables.

Besides these two cooking surfaces, there’s also a warming rack that is handy to toast your buns and rolls or just to place your burgers or hot dogs for a brief while, before they are served out. The ergonomics of the whole grill is very satisfying, with everything at arm’s length. What we like about the warming rack is that it too is made out of quality stainless steel. Generally, this is one area where manufacturers try to cheap out, using lesser grade materials. But, Nexgrill have gone full out with this Evolution model with the stainless steel warming rack and this just gives a premium and very expensive look. Once you have this assembled and set it up on your patio, it is easily going to look like a $1,000 grill, when you have paid way less than $400 for it. Please know that assembly will take you a couple of hours. Though it sounds like a long time, remember that it is a onetime setup. Moreover, you will love how the grill comes together as you assemble it. The premium finish of the grill will keep you motivated to finish the assembly in one go. Keep an extra set of hands around just for those few moments when you need something held in place, before you can screw it in.

Let’s now talk about the infrared grilling. Infrared grilling is when you place a flat surfaced medium between the cooking grates and the food you are trying to cook. The plate heats up so much that it radiates out infrared waves that cook a meat evenly and quickly, but without drying out the meat. Less moisture is drawn out using this grilling method and we recommend that you cook your more expensive meats using this infrared technology.

You will also be pleased to know that the infrared plates and grates can be flipped over. This gives you so much flexibility as the ambient cooking temperature can be used differently, which works great when you want to cook fish as opposed to steaks, and vice versa.

If you like the smoke flavor in your grilled food, you will be pleased to know that you can use wood chips between the infrared plate and the grill grate, which will then release a smoky flavor that is absorbed into the meat. Many users have said that they have managed to get that authentic smoked flavor, particularly when they have tried cooking a rack of ribs in this grill.

There’s a nice and clearly read thermometer built into the lid, always giving you a reading of the cooking temperature. This takes out a lot of guessing involved with grilling, particularly if you are cooking large batches of meat.

If there was one qualm we have about this grill, it would be that Nexgrill doesn’t give you a tool with which you can pull out the grill plates and cooking grill. We had to use our spatulas and forks to maneuver it out, which was a bit awkward, with the parts being as hot as it was.

If you looked at this grills reviews online, you will also notice that some people complain about rusting. Though Nexgrill have used very high quality stainless steel in the construction of this grill, you must understand that even the most premium type of stainless steel has a little bit of iron in its elements. We highly recommend that you buy a good quality grill cover to protect your grill investment. We also recommend that you use a stainless steel cleaner like Zep, Weiman or Therapy Premium products to keep your stainless steel looking like new, for several years. Though stainless steel looks fantastic when new, it will need maintenance to continue to look pristine. Using one of the cleaners at least once a week if you use your grill regularly will mean that your grill will keep looking new, without rust and without a faded or dull texture.

To conclude, we will say that the Nexgrill Evolution 5 burner grill is a fantastic value purchase. You will be very hard pressed to find a grill with so much BTU power, so much cooking surface and with infrared heating, for less than $400. Just use a high quality aluminum cleaner and this is going to always look like a $1,000 grill on your patio.

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