Nexgrill Tabletop Grill Review

Do you need a nicely priced, high performance tabletop grill with enough cooking space to grill food that can serve a small crowd of 2-5 people? The Nexgrill tabletop grill is a fantastic option you can consider. In this quick but still comprehensive Nexgrill Tabletop grill review, we will introduce you to the prominent features of this portable grill and help you decide whether it is a purchase you must make or not.

2-Burner Portable Quick And Easy Assembly Propane Gas Table Top Grill in Stainless SteelPrimary Cooking Space: 184 square inches

Secondary Cooking Space: 0 square inches

Total Cooking Space: 184 square inches

Primary Burner BTUs: 16,000

Number of burners: 2

Number of side burners: 0

Ignition type: Electrical

Grill material: Stainless Steel

Grill grate material: Stainless Steel

Burner material: Stainless steel

Height: 15.59 inches

Width: 22.05 inches

Depth: 19.57 inches

For a portable grill, this Nexgrill tabletop version packs some serious power. With 16,000 BTUs at hand, the grill can easily get hot enough to sear meat, a litmus tell that will easily tell you if your grill is up to the mark or not. With two burners with individual heat settings, you can cook different meats or a meat and vegetable combination differently. The 2 burner option is particularly nice as most portable grills in this price range, especially with this quality, usually come with only one burner, causing you to use more gas than you really need, as a lot of unnecessary space is heated up when cooking very small batches of meat, like just a steak for yourself.

The 184 square inches of cooking space is large enough to grill as many as 7 ample sized hamburger patties, all at once. The grill material is high quality stainless steel that will last you a very long time, if you can maintain it well. Besides durability, the stainless steel burners also ensure excellent heat retention that allow for even and uniform cooking, without hotspots. Cleaning the grill is as easy as wiping away the drippings with a wet cloth! Of course, you don’t always have to wipe off the drippings as and when they drip as there is a grease pan that catches drippings.

Right out of the box, this tabletop grill can connect to a 20 lbs. propane tank. But, if you are using this in a very portable setting where you only want to carry around a 1 lbs. propane tank, you can make it work with that as well, albeit with a connector that you must buy separately.

Talking about portability, this is an excellent grill to haul around. The lid can be locked securely and the legs can be folded to reduce the grill’s footprint rather significantly, making it very easy to carry around. With the entire unit weighting just 20 lbs. (without the tank of course), you are not going to be panting and gasping as you carry this around.

Since the lid locks into place, you can use the large handle for the lid to carry this grill around like a little suitcase. Just make sure that you lock the lid using the buckle locks before you use the handle to carry it around as it will otherwise open up like an unlocked suitcase!

When you buy this product online, it will ship to you in a disassembled state. But, unlike the bigger grills from Nexgrill, this table top version will only take you all of five minutes to put together, if that!

Nexgrill gives you a 1 year warranty on the entire grill but there is no extended 5 or 8 year warranty on the burners, something that you usually get when you buy the bigger Nexgrill grills, like discussed in our Nexgrill 5 burner gas grill review and in our Nexgrill 4 burner gas grill review.

You will not face any grill startup problems as firing up the gas just takes button presses. Both the burners have independent ignition starters and this will allow you to save Propane by using just one burner, if you don’t need the entire cooking space.

Coming back to cooking space, the 184 square inches of space refers to space in the horizontal orientation. What about the vertical space? When you are grilling thick pieces of meat like a tri tip for example, you want to be sure that the grill you use will have enough clearance under the lid, to allow you to close the lid fully and allowing your grill to breathe a little.

We tested it with the thickest tri tip steak we could find and found that there is at least a 1.5’ clearance from the top of the meat to the grill’s lid.

If there were any qualms about the grill, we will say that there is no inbuilt thermometer. You will have to buy a surface thermometer separately. Though not a big issue, most grills, even the portable ones, come with an inbuilt thermometer that constantly tell you what temperature your grill is operating at. Another peeve you might have is that you might have to disconnect the hose when you store this grill away when not in use. This is because the hose is connected to the grill at a rather awkward position that will not allow you to keep the grill flush against the walls in a tight storage space, at least not without kinking the hose. But again, this isn’t a big deal and just a minor inconvenience.

We must also tell you that the grill can turn a little dark or blue when you cook it using high temperatures. This is a very normal reaction with stainless steel. It will go back to its original color when you are done grilling or when you turn down the heat. So, just don’t get worried if you see the finish change in color when you crank up this grill to high heat levels.

People who own RVs love this grill. Campers love it as well. The lightweight and the small footprint are why it is one of the best portable table top grills out there.

Like all Nexgrill grills, this tabletop version looks very aesthetically pleasing, with a shiny stainless steel finish that lends it a very expensive look. Don’t be surprised if people ask you if you bought the latest Weber or if they ask you if you bought a $600 grill.

If you are interested in a full size 2 burner gas grill as opposed to a tabletop version, we recommend that you check out our Evolution series Nexgrill 2 burner gas grill review. Though it gives you the same 2 burners as the table top version, you have more BTU power at 28,000 BTUs and also a larger cooking space of almost 280 square inches, enough to grill a couple of dozen hamburger patties, all at the same time.