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Real Deal barbecue sauce is in full speed of coming to the consumer market. This incredible tasting barbecue sauce will quickly become a staple in the vernacular of everyday conversations.

Yes, there are many barbecue sauces on the market, but this is the Real Deal!
Real Deal personnel is currently seeking many manners of dispersing this one of a kind sauce, including online sales. Stay tune as we seek out and establish these points of distribution to make it very convenient for you to obtain Real Deal BBQ Sauce no matter where you live.

Best Regards,

Keith Davis, Managing Member

Origin Of Sauce

Our BBQ Sauce is exclusively made from the Jones family recipe. It was originally made by their father William.Jones.Sr. of Little rock, Arkansas.

Tips And Techniques

You don’t have to be a BBQ expert to use our sauces

“Real Deal” BBQ Sauce has layers of our “Hot” flovor gives your dish a kick at the end.

Our sauce is thick and holds to your meat. It is best when used as a finishing sauce, meaning cook your beef, pork, chicken etc until almost done then baste with “Real Deal” BBQ Sauce near the end of the cooking process.


Warm up the sauce and use as a dipping sauce with chicken tenders, wings, little smokies, meatballs, or seafood. You may also find it quite tasty with vegetables, chips, crackers, pretzels, pita bread and other items.


Mix your “Real Deal” Sauce with sour cream or cream cheese and make a new flavored dip. Try “Real Deal” in your baked beans for a great twist.

Use “Real Deal” sauce in your recipes instead of ketchup.

Make your creations The Real Deal ! Make Sure To Refrigerate the product after opening it.

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Our Team

Evander Hollyfield 
Keith Davis                   – President & Managing Member  
Art Jones                     – Jones Family Recipes
Henry Tilman               – Regional Vice President
Saad Pathah                – Vice President
Kathryn Dalton             – Consultant
Percy Davis III              – VP Midwest
Shanier Murray            – Sales Midwest
Eddie Newell                -General Sales Manager – Texas
Lori Nunley Miller        – Domestic And International Sales
Mike Fry                       – Video Production
Ralph Martin                – Media/Marketing
Rochelle Porter           – Photograph